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KC's been under the weather and Sue's stuck in convention prep, so we bring you a re-lease of our 2011 episode covering "Little Shop of Horrors."


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SPOILER ALERT! Star Trek Beyond is WORTH YOUR TIME! The End. I’m kidding… Of course there’s more, a whole lot more! Jen and Angela discussed the Star Trek Beyond plot, the treatment of its female characters—by far the most feminist story in the franchise—the acting, writing, new characters…the WHOLE shebang. What did you think of the movie? In two weeks, we’ll cover Stranger Things and Suicide Squad!

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Sue and KC have a discussion about Disney's live-action-meets-animated film noir comedy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Tagged explicit because of KC's language.

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Stick your ear buds in your ear holes and take your dog for a walk... it's time to listen to this week's Anomaly! Have you ever wondered what your pets are up to when you're away? They're throwing parties, playing your music too loud and going on wild adventures in the jungle that is Manhattan, that's what! In this episode, Jen is joined by her little boy, Aaron, to talk about the animated film: "The Secret Life of Pets". She also talks about the crazy antics of her own dogs and cats, briefly discusses "Finding Dory", plays some listener comments about "The Secret Life of Pets" then answers emails and voice mails. Special thanks to Rico, Meds, Elly, Megan and"Father Beast" for sending comments to us.

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With no new Who on on the immediate horizon until Christmastime, KC and I have turned our attention to the Big Finish audio dramas and the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate (as Ten and Donna, of course) to The Tenth Doctor Adventures, Vol 1

This set encompasses three stores: Technophobia, Time Reaver, and Death and the Queen.  We share our thoughts on the stories, try to place them chronologically (whatever that means) in Series 4, and gush about The DoctorDonna.  As usual, with Your Moment of Who, this is a reaction-cast, and not an in-depth analysis of these stories.

02:27 - Technophobia
07:25 - Time Reaver
13:11 - Death and the Queen
17:44 - Overall impressions & behind the scenes tidbits
21:45 - Opinions on the state of Who on TV
23:04 - Should we cover more audio productions?
28:40 - Coming up on Anomaly Supplemental

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Thank you for watching! In honor of Sir Patrick Stewart's birthday, Angela and I talked about our favorite Captains and build our own crews. Who are your fav caps and what would your crew look like? Send an audio comment or email to, call our voicemail line at 432-363-4742 or comment in the show notes at Join the conversation! 

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Well it’s kind of crazy how long it’s taken me to record all five seasons of Babylon 5! I was just sitting here thinking about how much in my life has changed since I started actually. It’s been really cool getting to watch through this and getting to see people responding to it. It’s been cool experiencing something new and a sci-fi show I really had no idea about before I started.

I’ll be completely honest this show doesn’t really feel like it’s ‘mine’ in the same way I feel like other shows feel totally ‘me’, but I respect this show a LOT. I respect that the characters seemed like they were always changing and developing, that they wanted to explore interesting stories and situations and that they never seem to stagnate the way some shows really can. I am definitely glad I watched it and even more glad that there were so many of you taking the journey with me.

I hope you enjoy this last installment!



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In this episode Jen and Angela are back to chat about the first novel in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series entitled: Eye of the World. Which WoT faction do you belong to?

They talked about the prequel novel: New Spring, in this episode:

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In this episode of Anomaly Supplemental, we discuss the 2015 Disney/Pixar film, Inside Out! What happens in the mind of a young girl's head when she and her family move to a brand new city? Talking points include the creativity of the film's concept, the importance of emotions like sadness and fear, and fan theories regarding the film.

Warning: Spoilers abound...

Next time on Anomaly Supplemental:
Sunday, July 10th - Sarah's Review of Babylon 5, Season Five, pt. II
Sunday, July 24th - Your Moment of Who: Big Finish's Tenth Doctor Adventures

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Anomaly | An intro to The Wheel of Time & The Prequel: New Spring

Happy Father's Day! In this episode from 2009, Angela and I discussed the prequel novel to The Wheel of Time called: New Spring. We also introduced listeners to the awesome world and characters of Robert Jordan. Angela's little one was sick and we weren't able to record this time but, we'll be back next time with the discussion about the first book: "Eye of the World". 

Show notes for this episode, coming soon.

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