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Anomaly is a fun-loving, women-hosted show that offers distinct insights into the world of sci fi, fantasy, and fandom. Jen and Angela will satisfy your craving for something different with entertaining (some say hilarious) and enlightening commentary on your favorite movies, TV shows, books, and games. Topics may include Star Trek Discovery, Picard, Star Wars movies, The Wheel of Time series, Harry Potter, and Middle Earth to name just a few. Podcasting since 2007 from South Central Texas—we're the halfway point between Muggle and Geek!

Dec 30, 2019

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We are back with a discussion and review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker! As always, Angela and I try to give our honest opinions while maintaining fun and humor. We're fans first and have been since 1977. The first few minutes of this review are spoiler-free. Then we sound the alarm and delve deep into what we liked, loved, and wished they'd done better. 

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Thanks for listening! We'll talk to you again at the end of January after the first episode of "Picard" is released.

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