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Anomaly is a fun-loving, women-hosted show that offers distinct insights into the world of sci fi, fantasy, and fandom. Jen and Angela will satisfy your craving for something different with entertaining (some say hilarious) and enlightening commentary on your favorite movies, TV shows, books, and games. Topics may include Star Trek Discovery, Picard, Star Wars movies, The Wheel of Time series, Harry Potter, and Middle Earth to name just a few. Podcasting since 2007 from South Central Texas—we're the halfway point between Muggle and Geek!

Apr 4, 2020

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In this transmission of Anomaly, we discuss a classic TNG episode from Season 3: "The Offspring" (Ep. 13). We chat about the plot, the acting, the directing, and the clues embedded in the story that we can...

Feb 1, 2020

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We're back with a review of the premiere episode of Picard, entitled: "Remembrance". Angela and I discuss our thoughts on the premiere and suggest Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes and past Anomaly Podcast episodes that you should watch to supplement your enjoyment of Picard. 

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May 19, 2019

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Episode of Anomaly Asks the question:
Was the season 2 finale of Star Trek Discovery too much story for too few episodes? Jen and Angela take a fair and fun look at what the Discovery writers got right and what...

Feb 11, 2019

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Star Trek Discovery's 2nd Season is off to a GREAT start! Find out what we have to say about all the things that happened in episodes 1,2,3, and four.

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Oct 30, 2018

Jen and Angela chat about the recently announced Picard Series coming to CBS All Access, the Emmy Tribute to Star Trek, and a complaint about their children being on the podcast. Stick around at the end for a short report on Alamo City Comic Con, what's coming up next on Anomaly, and the audio from the Emmy...