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In this final installment of New York Comic Con coverage, Sue from Anomaly Supplemental chats with Ashley Eckstein on the show floor at NYCC.  Ashley is the voice of Ahsoka Tano on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and the creator of Her Universe, a science-fiction inspired merchandise line (apparel, accessories, and cosmetics) exclusively for women, currently partnered with Lucasfilm and Syfy. Ashley grew up as a Disney kid and a "Star Wars" fan, has been designing clothes since she was 10, and has a massive Alice in Wonderland collection.

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The following is a panel from New York Comic Con, titled “Screen Future: Gaming, Comics, and TV around the world and 5 years from now.” Panelists are Brian David Johnson (Intel Futurist and author of “Screen Future"), Craig Engler (Senior Vice President and General Manager, Syfy Digital, Syfy), Cory Doctorow (sci-fi author and blogger on Boing Boing), and Jim Shooter (comic writer, editor, and publisher currently at Dark Horse Comics).

Please note:  This episode carries an “explicit” tag due to a handful of instances where a 

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This is a Bonus Anomaly Episode with news out of New York Comic Con.

01:15 - Prophets of Science Fiction

06:30 - Trek Nation

11:04 - White Room: 02B3

14:06 - Days Missing

18:24 - Tale of Sand

23:10 - Interview with Karen Falk (Henson Archivist) and Stephen Christy (Archaia Entertainment Editor-in-Cheif)

34:41 - Dark Crystal: Creation Myths (and Labyrinth)

38:19 - Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

44:11 - Mass Effect 3

46:49 - Once Upon A Time

52:14 - Felicia Day Panel with Sandeep Parikh and Chris Hardwick

56:09 - Dragon Age Panel

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