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The Anomaly Podcast is one of the first, and longest-running, women-hosted sci-fi/fantasy shows in the world. It was started in 2007 by Jen and Angela, best friends who would be talking about geeky things even if they didn't have an audience. They love deep dives into genre fiction topics, but they always keep things light-hearted and fun. You'll enjoy hearing chats on popular fiction as well as the obscure stuff, you thought no one else but you loved. Become an Anomaly! Subscribe to the show now and never miss an episode!

Nov 24, 2015

The annual "Truly Outrageous" panel on the American Sci-Fi Classics Track at Dragon Con focuses on the women of classic sci-fi who influenced the panelists as children and young adults. It's always a convention highlight, but this year was extra special...  While usually a fan panel, this year we were joined by the one...

Nov 22, 2015

We braved the foul weather to make it to Austin Comic Con and bring you a report on the adventures had there, like Bruce Campbell photo bombing us! This is a video exported for mobile devices, so if you're only hearing audio...please make sure you visit the show notes to view the report and get all the links we talked...

Nov 15, 2015


03:41 - The Girl Who Died
12:09 - The Woman Who Lived
*Discussion of these two episodes kept mostly separate
24:54 - The Zygon Invasion/Inversion
(Content Warning: Discussion of terrorism, immigration, war, PTSD, etc)
32:21 - Speculation of series themes

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Nov 8, 2015

This is a panel recorded last week (Oct. 31, 2015) at Wizard World Comic Con Austin. A full vidcast report on our experience at the convention, is coming Sunday, Nov 22. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast to ensure you never miss an episode.

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Nov 2, 2015

Anomaly Supplemental returns with an episode all about Farscape. Sue and KC discuss the plot, the characters, and emotional turmoil found in first season episode "PK Tech Girl".

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