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Ancient Mysteries and Crystal Skulls...

That's just two of the subjects discussed in this edition of the Anomaly Podcast. Jen was joined by her guest host, Noah, in a chat with author Douglas Stearns, about his novel: Guardians of the Crystal Skull, book one of The Harmonic Wars. Douglas has been on Coast to Coast AM, Caravan to Midnight and Midnight in the Desert, talking about the theories he based his story on. He was an entertaining guest on Anomaly too. Check it out and let us know what you think! 

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We'll be back in two weeks with an episode about Eye of the World, the first book in The Wheel of Time series.

Topics/Theories Discussed:

Optical Data Storage on Quarts Discs
Pyramid Power Plants
Ancient Power Grids
City Layouts that Resemble PC Powerboards
Sonic Stone Levitation
Crystal Skulls and more

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This week's Anomaly Supplemental is an interview Kayla LaFrance, winner of Season 2 of TBS's King of the Nerds!  We, of course, talk about her experiences on the show and what she's been doing since then, as well as Star Trek, real-life and fictional inspirations, growing up geek, women in science and fandom, NASA history, and the current state of space exploration and hopes for the future.

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Anomaly | Ultra Sabers Lightsabers Interview | & Crossguard Lightsaber Demo

This episode features an interview with Alex Buckner, the founder and co-owner of the lightsaber company: Ultra Sabers. We talked about their process, their product and we were shown their newest edition to their armory of sabers: the “Flamberge”—a cross guard style lightsaber! Please visit the show notes for this episode to watch the video that accompanies this episode. You'll see the "Flamberge" in action! Also in the show notes are related episodes and links to everything discussed and anything else we thought would be entertaining or helpful. Thanks for listenining and subscribing!


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This past Sunday (July 14, 2013), I sat down at the virtual table with Joe Crowe and Gary Mitchel, the co-directors of the American Sci-Fi Classics Track at Dragon Con. We talk about their history with Dragon Con, how they wound up track directors, guest and fan panels coming up this year, and share some stories about Dragon Cons past. Also, Joe and Gary confirm one of my panels, discuss a right of passage for this track, and identify what is possibly the greatest sci-fi show to have ever graced the television screen.

Visit for full show notes.

Theme music, "The Nerd Anthem," is used by permission of Marian Call, who is currently on tour - so check out her site to see when she'll be near you. "Last Dragon Con" (a parody of Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night") was written and performed by Deena Roth.

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Anomaly Miniskirt: Where's My Flying Car?

Jen interviews her Nana on how the world has changed since she was born: technology, entertainment and life in general. Where's my flying car?!  Nana is a sweet lady who lives to love and Jen is honored to have her on the show. Comments:,, @AnomalyPodcast, Facebook Group. *This episode was recorded outdoors. In addition to a great conversation, you will hear gates rattling, dogs barking, birds signing, chickens cackling, a horse snort, family visiting and kids playing all around. It's a slice of life from the sticks of South Texas.  Music included in this show, in order of play: Django Reinhardt's "Honeysuckle Rose", Hank Williams Senior's "Hey Good Look'n" and Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys' "Milk Cow Blues". 

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In this edition of Anomaly Supplemental, Kasey and Jen interview author Chris-Rachael Oseland. Chris-Rachael penned a number of books including Steamdrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks and Dining with the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook. It's not too late to pick them up for your New Years Eve party! Listen to the interview to get all the deliciously geeky details! Email Us: . Visit our site:

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Anomaly: Virgin Galactic Interview

In this episode of Anomaly, Angela and Jen interviewed Will Pomerantz, the Vice President of Special Projects for Virgin Galactic. This episode was a result of a discussion they had during a review of Spaceballs, a film that neither Angela or Jen are particularly fond of. The commentary soon turned into a conversation about the last shuttle mission and the downsizing of NASA. If you wish to listen to that episode, you can find it along many other episodes in our ArchiveThey requested this interview in an attempt to inject a little optimism for the future of space travel into, not only themselves, but their listeners as well. They hope it inspires you as much as it inspired them. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to our podcast and our newsletter. Join our forums, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Spread the word, tell your friends. Visit the show notes for bonus footage and links. Send feedback to And please rate the show on iTunes. Thanks for listening. 

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Sue chats with Ashley Eckstein on the show floor at NYCC in 2011. Don't let the age of the interview deter you! Despite the year it was recorded, it continues to be the most downloaded episode in the Anomaly archive. Ashley, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and the creator of Her Universe, shares interesting stories about her childhood, her audition process for Ahsoka, as well as her own brand of wisdom that everyone can benefit from. Please share with your friends and subscribe to Anomaly for many more great episodes.


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In this special interview, Sue and Kasey from Anomaly Supplemental chat with Marian Call. For more information go to our show notes at

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In this special edition of Anomaly, Sue interviewed Mignon Fogarty from the Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing podcast. In addition to being a fellow anomaly and podcaster, Mignon is also the author of several very popular books. Read more in the show notes located at, under the "Listen Now" tab. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to anomaly and rate us on iTunes. :)

Visit the show notes here»

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