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It's the series finale of Doctor Who and Your Moment of Who!  If you've been listening, you know that KC and I haven't been too thrilled with the season to this point.  But all of that's changed with these last three episodes!  So, if you're sick of hearing us whine, you're in luck! No you get to hear us gush...  But first thing's first - we respond to some feed back from regular emailer Andrew, and discuss some more opinions about the first few episodes with Clara and her story that far.  Then it's on to the new stuff - Spoilers, Sweetie - we discuss "The Crimson Horror," "Nightmare in Silver," and "The Name of the Doctor."  And we, of course, can't help but delve into some of the rumors and possible spoilers that have been going around regarding the 50th Anniversary Special in November. (Don't worry - a second spoiler warning is given.)  And no Moment of Who would be complete without a few jabs at River Song.  ;)

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Hello Anomalies! In this edition of our show, Jen, Angela, her husband Jim and Kasey from Anomaly Supplemental review "Star Trek: Into Darkness". The beginning of the episode is a non-spoiler review, while the second half is SUPER spoileriffic. If you haven't seen the movie, hit "stop" as soon as you hear the official Anomaly spoiler alert music. This review includes a Star Trek parody song by Rick Moyer as well as a comment from him and Simon Meddings of Waffle On and The Martians Are Here. Thank you guys for sending them in. If you would like to give your thoughts on this, or any other episode please direct your comments here:,, @AnomalyPodcast, Facebook Group. Thank you so much for listening!

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Anomaly Miniskirt: Where's My Flying Car?

Jen interviews her Nana on how the world has changed since she was born: technology, entertainment and life in general. Where's my flying car?!  Nana is a sweet lady who lives to love and Jen is honored to have her on the show. Comments:,, @AnomalyPodcast, Facebook Group. *This episode was recorded outdoors. In addition to a great conversation, you will hear gates rattling, dogs barking, birds signing, chickens cackling, a horse snort, family visiting and kids playing all around. It's a slice of life from the sticks of South Texas.  Music included in this show, in order of play: Django Reinhardt's "Honeysuckle Rose", Hank Williams Senior's "Hey Good Look'n" and Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys' "Milk Cow Blues". 

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Anomaly of Futurma: Love's Labours Lost in Space

In this edition of Anomaly, Jen and Angela discuss "Love's Labours Lost in Space" from Futurama's first season. The hosts talk about their favorite moements in the episode, favorite quotes and recall uncomfortable situations where, in true Zapp fashion, men who thought they were "God's gift to women" turned everything they said into sexual innuendos. Good times...

It's a casual, meandering chat that is lighthearted and fun...until their children crash the party at the end, causing a containment breach.

Anomaly is more than a podcast, it's a conversation between friends. And, as a listener of said conversation, we consider you one of us! Please join our discussion by sending us your feedback via email to, Twitter (@AnomalyPodcast), Facebook or through our contact page. And if you really love us, leave us a review on iTunes or favorite our show on Stitcher Radio. Thanks so much for listening! 

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Here we go again!  Kasey and I set out to talk about episodes 8-10* of Doctor Who, Series 7 - "Cold War," "Hide," and "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS."  Of course, because it's us, we got a little sidetracked.  So, you'll also hear about Arthur Darvill's stint on Broadway in the Tony-winning musical "Once," and how I thought he did when I was there last Saturday.  And also, how not to behave when you go to see an actor you know from genre TV do another project.  Plus, our hopes for the remainder of Series 7, frustration over what appear to be several let-downs so far, and our nervousness and skepticism over the up-coming episode titled "The Name of the Doctor."


*Okay, so our episode numbering got wonky.  I was following the tardis.wikia numbering, which originally put the Christmas special as Episode 6.  Which made "The Bells of Saint John" and "The Rings of Akhaten" Episodes 7-8.  But now, the Christmas special is not being considered a numbered episode....  Whatever.  So, in the interest of conformity, episode numbers for the last Moment of Who are incorrect.  Oh well.

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Theme music for Anomaly Supplemental used by permission of Marian Call.

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