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In this special video edition of Anomaly, Jen and Angela talk about their experience at Austin Comic Con 2012. This commentary episode includes video footage and photos taken of the hosts, fellow con-goers and actors. If you're listening via Stitcher Smart Radio, you will only hear the commentary. You can stream or download this episode from the shownotes on our web site. Be sure to catch our next video report in the coming weeks. We're covering the Texas Renaissance Festival and we'll be there this weekend (Nov. 16, 17 and 18). Look for our banner in the camp ground if you're planning to attend--come say "hi"!  

If you like this con report, be sure to watch and listen to past con and festival episodes. We've covered Clockwork Con, The Texas Renaissance Festival, New York Comic Con and Dragon Con. You can find those editions in our feed and in our archive at

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Interviewers, Podcasters, Costume Clubs and Projects Mentioned:

Punching Through The Walls of Reality
The Star Wars Children's Museum Project
USS Narvas
Wizard World
Save Our Seeker

Show Notes: http://www.anomaly-video-report-austin-comic-con-2012


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