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Anomaly Vidcast: Lightsaber Review

Stitcher Listeners: This is a video review. Please visit to stream the episode in full. In this edition of Anomaly, Jen reviews the Initiate V3 lightsaber that she recently purchased from The purchase was made for the Jedi costume she will be wearing at the upcoming Austin Comic Con (November 22-2). Anomaly willl have a fan booth there, please come by and see Jen, Angela and Kasey! Our next episode will be uploaded in a few days and will feature a duscussion regarding Star Wars Return of the Jedi, and other villain redemption stories. Be sure to suscribe to the Anomaly Podcast feed and tell your friends about us! Thanks for listening! Contact us at or call 432-363-442.

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Sue and KC have a long philosophical chat about good versus evil and whether superheroes should be responsible for property damage. Though neither of us grew up comic book readers, we discuss the influence of superheroes like Batman, Superman, the Avengers, the X-Men, Spiderman and so on; we also bring up superhero-inspired projects like The Incredibles, Hulu's The Awesomes, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Brief warning: while some of the spoilers we mention are a few decades old, there are spoilers for newer properties like Irredeemable.

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