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The Anomaly Podcast is one of the first, and longest-running, women-hosted sci-fi/fantasy shows in the world. It was started in 2007 by Jen and Angela, best friends who would be talking about geeky things even if they didn't have an audience. They love deep dives into genre fiction topics, but they always keep things light-hearted and fun. You'll enjoy hearing chats on popular fiction as well as the obscure stuff, you thought no one else but you loved. Become an Anomaly! Subscribe to the show now and never miss an episode!

Jun 26, 2014

The end of another month means the KC and Sue chat about another Doctor! We're on another adventure with Peri, but this time, she's accompanying the Sixth Doctor, as portrayed by Colin Baker, in The Mark of the Rani (show notes).

In this episode, KC makes a potentially controversial statement about The Master, we...

Jun 25, 2014

In this month's episode of Anomaly Supplemental, Sue and KC review and rave over "The Night Circus," the 2011 debut novel of Erin Morgenstern. Show Notes Here »

KC and Sue share their love of the book and spend the first portion of the episode suggesting why listeners might enjoy the book. Topics include analyzing (and...

Jun 14, 2014

In this special  Father's Day episode, Jen and Angela talk about their dads and discuss a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode entitled: The Visitor. The story wonderfully illustrates the bond between father and child and the sacrifices they often make for one another. Show Notes Here »

The majority of this chat is...