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Anomaly: Clockwork Con 2012 Report

In this special Anomaly Podcast video report, Angela and I discuss ClockWork Con. Kasey, from Anomaly Supplemental, and our friends Stephanie and Jen (from the T-Ren vidcast report) were also in attendance at the con in Austin, Texas. We took a lot of photos and Kasey and Bug's Jen helped with video which is included in this episode. Send your feedback to and visit the shownotes at to find links and other information.

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The following episode is a chat between Sarah, Kasey, and Sue after the recording of last month's "Face Off" episode.  The goal was to plan the future podcast schedule, but the conversation turned to "Doctor Who."  

* This is a spontaneous and organic conversation.  It has no been heavily edited, so you may here more vocal ticks and pauses than usual.  

* Opinions of chracters, actors, and episodes were expressed candidly.  Feedback is always welcome, whether you agree or disagree, but please don't be mean if you disagree.  

* SPOILERS to follow, mostly for series 1-3, but a few for 4-6, and also for "Firefly" and "Serenity".  

* Finally, the male voice that chimes in from time to time is Andrew, Sarah's husband.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

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