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In the latest edition of Jen and Angela's Worst of Trek series, the two hosts are joined by their friend Rico from the Treks In Sci-Fi podcast to discuss "Way to Eden" or as they like to call it "When Space Hippies Attack". The conversation is fun and informative, even for those who are not TOS or general Trek fans. We hope you'll check it out and phone, email, tweet or Facebook us to let us know what YOU think. Voice Mail: 432-363-4742 Email: Twitter: @AnomalyPodcast and Facebook group and Fan Page (Anomaly Podcast). * Show notes contain screen shots and additional info:

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We waited for months, and it finally aired!  "The Snowmen!"  Then, you waited another month-and-a-half, and we released our thoughts on the episode.  Sorry about that little delay.  But, this conversation was recorded just a few days after the Christmas special aired.  Sarah, Kasey, and Sue share their impressions on the episode, the Doctor's new look, the new TARDIS interior, the new opening sequence, the guest characters, and - of course - the new companion.

As usual - SPOILERS, Sweetie.

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