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We braved the foul weather to make it to Austin Comic Con and bring you a report on the adventures had there, like Bruce Campbell photo bombing us! This is a video exported for mobile devices, so if you're only hearing audio...please make sure you visit the show notes to view the report and get all the links we talked about. We're on our way to The Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend, but we will add the HD version to the show notes when we return.

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In this edition of Anomaly, Jen is joined over Skype by Anomaly staff memebers and friends, Sith Jen and Anne, to discuss their experiences at PAX East and PAX South this year. They start by giving their over all impressions, compare PAX to other conventions they attend then chat about cosplay as well as some of the games and other products they saw while there. 

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Vid Report: The Texas Renaissance Festival 2012

Note to our Stitcher Smart Radio listeners: this is a video report. You will only hear the audio through Stitcher. Visit our show notes at to stream the video or download in full.

This edition of Anomaly is a report of Jen and Angela's trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival, during the Highland Fling weekend, November 23-24th. The episode includes a light-hearted commentary, a plethora of costume photos, video footage from this trip and previous years, a bit of complaining about how misearble it is to camp during the winter, a brief mention of their experience playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and a bit of teasing about their upcoming episodes.

If you can't download this video to your devices, once again, please visit our show notes at where it can be streamed or downloaded in full. Links to Tartanic and the Texas Renaissance Festival web sites are also included in the notes.

More video reports, including a report on the Texas Renaissance Festival from 2011 that include photos of our Wheel of Time Costumes, are available in our podcast feed. Audio reports of past festivals are available in our episode archive on our web site. 

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In this special video edition of Anomaly, Jen and Angela talk about their experience at Austin Comic Con 2012. This commentary episode includes video footage and photos taken of the hosts, fellow con-goers and actors. If you're listening via Stitcher Smart Radio, you will only hear the commentary. You can stream or download this episode from the shownotes on our web site. Be sure to catch our next video report in the coming weeks. We're covering the Texas Renaissance Festival and we'll be there this weekend (Nov. 16, 17 and 18). Look for our banner in the camp ground if you're planning to attend--come say "hi"!  

If you like this con report, be sure to watch and listen to past con and festival episodes. We've covered Clockwork Con, The Texas Renaissance Festival, New York Comic Con and Dragon Con. You can find those editions in our feed and in our archive at

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Interviewers, Podcasters, Costume Clubs and Projects Mentioned:

Punching Through The Walls of Reality
The Star Wars Children's Museum Project
USS Narvas
Wizard World
Save Our Seeker

Show Notes: http://www.anomaly-video-report-austin-comic-con-2012


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Jen, Kasey and Angela are at Austin Comic Con, 'womanning' their podcast booth in the Fan Group's section (table 2602). Last night, they were able to see "The Women of Star Trek" panel, featuring Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis. This episode includes a brief overview by the co-hosts and then jumps into the Q & A with "Counselor Troi" and "Doctor Crusher". It was awesome. Apologies for the audio quality, on location devices pick up everything. Follow us on twitter @AnomalyPodcast and visit our Facebook Group page. More still to come from Comic Con this weekend! Stay "tuned".

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Anomaly of T-Ren 2011

This installment of Anomaly is a special video report of our experiences at this year's Texas Renaissance Festival. This episode includes light-hearted commentary, costume photos galore, video footage from this year and previous years as well as a brief Wheel of Time character discussion. NOTE: contains mild WoT spoilers but a warning is given a few seconds before hand. If you can't upload this episode to your devices, please visit our show notes at where it can be streamed or downloaded in full. Links, bonus footage and photos are also included in the notes. If you like this episode, please rate us on iTunes, send us feedback and donate to the show. Thank you for watching! Please share our show with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or blog.

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The following is a panel from New York Comic Con, titled “Screen Future: Gaming, Comics, and TV around the world and 5 years from now.” Panelists are Brian David Johnson (Intel Futurist and author of “Screen Future"), Craig Engler (Senior Vice President and General Manager, Syfy Digital, Syfy), Cory Doctorow (sci-fi author and blogger on Boing Boing), and Jim Shooter (comic writer, editor, and publisher currently at Dark Horse Comics).

Please note:  This episode carries an “explicit” tag due to a handful of instances where a 

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This is a Bonus Anomaly Episode with news out of New York Comic Con.

01:15 - Prophets of Science Fiction

06:30 - Trek Nation

11:04 - White Room: 02B3

14:06 - Days Missing

18:24 - Tale of Sand

23:10 - Interview with Karen Falk (Henson Archivist) and Stephen Christy (Archaia Entertainment Editor-in-Cheif)

34:41 - Dark Crystal: Creation Myths (and Labyrinth)

38:19 - Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

44:11 - Mass Effect 3

46:49 - Once Upon A Time

52:14 - Felicia Day Panel with Sandeep Parikh and Chris Hardwick

56:09 - Dragon Age Panel

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Sue is joined by Mark, Margaret, Michelle and Kevin to wrap up their experience at Dragon Con 2011. Read the show notes located at for photos and more. Send feedback to Coming up this week on Anomaly and Anomaly Supplemental: a Little Shop of Horrors review by Kasey and Sue from Anomaly Supplemental and a Shaun of the Dead discussion with Jen and Angela and special guest "Meds" from Waffle On. Follow us on Twitter: @anomalypodcast

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