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Welcome to our final installment of this year's Classic Who series! KC and I discuss the 1996 TV Movie simply titled "Doctor Who" and starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.

We talk about why American content creators should not be trusted with a 30+ year old BBC property, the overuse of racial stereotypes and gang/gun violence, the Seventh Doctor's traumatic end, and the somewhat odd characteristics of the Eighth Doctor (like kissing random women, which stuck around, and telling people bits from their future, which didn't). We also discuss the Doctor's apparently questionable genetic makeup, and again ask the age-old question: Why does the Master have superpowers?

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This month, while KC is busy a moving couple hundred miles, I was joined by Anomaly Correspondent and Staff Writer Sarah to talk about Jurassic Park.  From the very beginning, we had some particularly difficult issues with Skype, and even after correcting the audio as much as possible, Sarah still sounds a bit like she's in a fishbowl.  Apologies.

Along with favorite quotes/characters/scenes and John Williams's majestic score, we share stories of our first experiences with this movie, production trivia, comments from the Facebook group, and talk a little about the somewhat weighty themes of exploiting scientific advancement for monetary profit and attempted to control nature.

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"I am Groot!"  In this edition of Anomaly, Angela and I review Guardians of The Galaxy. In short, the casting was great! The dialogue was clever, the comedy was non-stop awesome! And, as Gen Xers who both lived by the "awesome mix tape", as teenagers and young women, we both LOVED the soundtrack. It's definitely one to buy. We highly recommend you see this movie... now! Thanks for listening!

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In this episode Jen and Angela discuss a Star Wars documentary, by Alexandre O. Philippe, called: THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS. The film, now available on Netflix, aims to deconstruct the cultural legacy of George Lucas--a man whose life, feelings and creative impulses remain largely shrouded in mystery." (from PeopleVsGeorge

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