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In this edition of Anomaly Supplemental, Kasey and Jen interview author Chris-Rachael Oseland. Chris-Rachael penned a number of books including Steamdrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks and Dining with the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook. It's not too late to pick them up for your New Years Eve party! Listen to the interview to get all the deliciously geeky details! Email Us: . Visit our site:

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In this holiday episode, KC and Sue discuss Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" in its many incarnations, from the original novella to the Muppets.  We discuss the historical context of the work, why it's still so popular, how it influenced what we now think of as the "traditional" Christmas celebration, casting and direction choices, our favorite film and stage adaptions, and even Jacob Marley's motivation in death... among other things.

Next time:  In January, we will be sharing our favorite geeky discoveries of 2012.  If you've discovered something over the last year that you'd like to tell us about, send us an email at, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

The song at the end of this podcast is "Chiron Beta Prime" by Jonathan Coulton (, and was released under a Creative Commons attribution non-commercial license.

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In this special video edition of Anomaly, Jen and Angela talk about their experience at Austin Comic Con 2012. This commentary episode includes video footage and photos taken of the hosts, fellow con-goers and actors. If you're listening via Stitcher Smart Radio, you will only hear the commentary. You can stream or download this episode from the shownotes on our web site. Be sure to catch our next video report in the coming weeks. We're covering the Texas Renaissance Festival and we'll be there this weekend (Nov. 16, 17 and 18). Look for our banner in the camp ground if you're planning to attend--come say "hi"!  

If you like this con report, be sure to watch and listen to past con and festival episodes. We've covered Clockwork Con, The Texas Renaissance Festival, New York Comic Con and Dragon Con. You can find those editions in our feed and in our archive at

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Interviewers, Podcasters, Costume Clubs and Projects Mentioned:

Punching Through The Walls of Reality
The Star Wars Children's Museum Project
USS Narvas
Wizard World
Save Our Seeker

Show Notes: http://www.anomaly-video-report-austin-comic-con-2012


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Jen, Kasey and Angela are at Austin Comic Con, 'womanning' their podcast booth in the Fan Group's section (table 2602). Last night, they were able to see "The Women of Star Trek" panel, featuring Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis. This episode includes a brief overview by the co-hosts and then jumps into the Q & A with "Counselor Troi" and "Doctor Crusher". It was awesome. Apologies for the audio quality, on location devices pick up everything. Follow us on twitter @AnomalyPodcast and visit our Facebook Group page. More still to come from Comic Con this weekend! Stay "tuned".

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Michele, KC, and Sue talk about "The Power of Three" and "The Angels Take Manhattan", episodes 4 and 5 of Doctor Who's Series 7.  We discuss these two episodes as well as the Ponds, River Song, and our hopes and predictions for the second half of the season.  

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Anomaly TNG's 25th a Review of Ship in a Bottle

In this episode of Anomaly, Jen and Angela celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is a day late getting to the feed, the actual anniversary of the first TNG episode is Sept 28. In this edition of Anomaly the hosts welcome new listeners, give a very brief history of the two Anomaly shows, then talk about how TNG shaped their lives and how they believe it's changed the way audiences view television. The episode review at the end of the show, was originally released in August of 2008 and shared with Rico from Treks In Sci-Fi...Jen and Angela stood in for Rico as hosts on his show.  Jen produced the episode and included the vocal talents of Rick Moyer, Simon Meddings and a few other guests. Kasey even made a cameo appearance--her first ever on Anomaly. Find the show notes for this episode here.  If you enjoy this episode, or any other's, please consider rating us on iTunes. It's as easy as clicking on a star. You can also favorite us or share a link on Stitcher Radio, Twitter and Facebook.  Find links to our Facebook Group page and personal Twitter acounts on at If you can afford a dollar or two, please donate to Anomaly via paypal--send to All donations are used to pay Anomlay's hosting fees. Thank you for listening! Happy Birthday TNG!

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In this episode of Anomay Supplemental, KC and Sue touch on sci-fi adaptations of Shakespeare's works, references to The Bard in sci-fi shows, and the many classically trained Shakespearean actors who have done a great deal of work in the genre.  We also discuss why it is that Shakespeare's works are still studied and performed 400 years after his death, what makes them ripe for sci-fi adaptations, which of his works are our favorites, and what constitutes good story-telling regardless of genre and setting.

SPOILER ALERT:  This episode may contain spoilers for Star Trek TOS and TNG, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Farscape, Forbidden Planet, Battlestar Galactica and - of course - Shakespeare's plays.  (There may be some others, too...)

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In this mini-episode, KC and Sue share their thoughts on the new season of "Doctor Who."  This discussion covers the first three episodes of Series 7: "Asylum of the Daleks," "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," and "A Town Called Mercy."  Allons-y.

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Anomaly Special: All Things Trek Interview

This special edition of Anomaly features an interview that was conducted over Skype by Oren, from "All Things Trek". Representing Anomaly's "Trek fan co-hosts" were Jen, Angela, Sue and Sarah. Oren asked a variety of questions, including our views on how Star Trek treats women, what our favorite episodes are, our thoughts on a new Star Trek series and much more. Our thanks to Oren for sharing the episode with us. Visit the show notes available at for links to All Things Trek, music credits, as well as subscription and contact information. Thanks for downloading and listening! Come see us at Austin Comic Con in October!

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Anomaly of Firefly: Jaynestown

In this edition of Anomaly, Jen and Angela talk about Firefly: Jayne's Town--the episode where Jayne gets a song, a mud statue and a town of adoring followers. He's too proud to live and too dumb to die, Lord knows how his mamma she tried...and he always meant well while he's going to Hell, still it's good to have Jayne on your side. Included in this installment are episode clips, the song: "It's Good to Have Jayne on Your side", sung by Marian Call and Sue's DragonCon panel schedule (if you're going, stop by and say "hi"). Please send your feedback to Visit for this episode's shownotes. There you'll you can find a link to Marian Call's web site and the song played, links to the podcasts we promte in this episode, a link to Sue's DragonCon schedule, subscription information, social media and blog links our newsletter and much more. Please don't forget to Anomaly on iTunes and anywhere Anomaly is available. If you have a few dollars to spare, Anomaly depends on generous donations from the listeners and the hosts are always very grateful for their gifts however small. Tell a friend about the show. Thank you for listening! Keep flying!

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